Wednesday, October 20, 2004

mathematic proofs, AIM, and the red sox;)

all you NEU ppl better love me for this one;)

Matt (9:37:41 PM): ::tries to help meg with proofs on the internet:: this is hard.....
Holly (9:37:58 PM): proofs=awesome
Matt (9:38:51 PM): proofs online=horrible
Matt (9:38:57 PM): proofs=easy
Matt (9:39:01 PM): ah
Holly (9:39:22 PM): here's a proof:
red sox=awesome
yankees < red sox
Matt (9:40:13 PM): you forgot the theorem suck < awesome
Holly (9:40:25 PM): true
Holly (9:41:08 PM): so here's the proof: if: the Yankees suck and if: the Red Sox are Awesome and if: sucking < being awesome then: the Yankees < the Red Sox
Holly (9:41:42 PM): ;)
Matt (9:42:04 PM): exactly

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