Monday, November 27, 2006


Poor Sir Elton (taken from here):

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Elton John's latest Australian tour got off to an inauspicious start when the British pop superstar had to leave the stage briefly to be sick, local media reported Monday.

John was about to perform "Crocodile Rock," one of the most popular songs of his four-decade career, Sunday when he felt unwell and left the stage in Brisbane for about five minutes.

"I thought I'd better chunder (vomit) in the toilet than all over the front row," Australian Associated Press quoted John as telling his audience of 15,000 fans.

John, 59, is making his 12th tour of Australia and had been on stage for about two hours when he became ill. He returned to the stage for another 45 minutes without further inconvenience.

A tour spokeswoman said the veteran entertainer had been suffering from an upset stomach.

"He got it out and got on with it," the spokeswoman said.

I hope I never do that while teaching......

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