Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Devil Made Me Do It!!!

And today's craziness:

Apparently Hitler and Stalin were possessed by Satan. Because clearly, in light of the doctrine of free will, human beings can't do anything that evil. Yes, moderately evil things, but nothing THAT evil.

Does this statement by the Vatican do anything to help ease the pain of those who actually survived Hitler and Stalin's regimes? Or comfort the families who lost loved ones?

I can't believe the best thing the Vatican was able to come up with to explain Hitler and Stalin's actions was "The Devil made them do it!"

That is all.

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Anonymous Matthew said...

Next, the Vatican is going to pronounce the number zero as a creation of the Devil. God didn't make zero, did he?!? huh? HUH?!? He made seven days, 365 days in a year, but I NEVER have seen the number zero created.

Join me in the anti-zero movement to abolish the number zero! Those people in algebra and higher mathematics can shove the big 0 up their....nevermind.

10:28 PM  

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