Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Mr. T is alright with me

I missed the whole A-Team thing. I was one when the show went off the air, and it was never something my parents were really into. So, when I see Mr. T on TV, yeah I usually giggle. I mean, even away from the A-Team, his character is fun, and if nothing else memorable ("I Pity the Fool!")

This morning I was checking the TV Guide online to try to find something to watch and I saw a link to this article. The link to the article said something like "Mr. T shows no interest in doing an A-Team movie." I went to the article with a pissed "stupid Hollywood actors" mentality and I was pleasantly surprised to find out I was wrong. Mr. T actually had good reason for not wanting to do the film. But that is not why I'm posting about Mr. T.

Mr. T is known for wearing massive amounts of bling at all times (my favorite nod to that has to be the Friends episode ("The One With The Prom Video") where Joey gives Chandler a watch: "Yeah, it's easy for you to say, you don't have to walk around sporting some reject from the Mr. T collection. I pity the fool that puts on my jewelry...I do, I do... I pity the fool that..."). I'd noticed recently he'd stopped doing that, but I really hadn't thought anything of it. TV Guide apparently noticed too How come you don't wear the gold chains anymore?
Mr. T:
That happened after Hurricane Katrina. Watching the people suffering, I said I would never wear my gold again, because it wouldn't be right. I want people to know I have a heart of gold, not just the gold around my neck.

Y'know, most people will probably read that and roll their eyes. I know tons of people that helped out in their own small ways during that crisis. And if this is how Mr. T felt he needed to Hurricane Katrina, then that's cool with me. Good job, Mr. T. Others may not appreciate your gesture, but I do

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Blogger gabi said...

I pity the fool! (who doesn't think that's adorable) Mr. T rocks.
But yeah I relate - if you were 1 I guess that makes me -2 years old hahaha

9:57 PM  

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